Thank you

After a busy and competitive leadership race, I just want to say two words: thank you. Whether you were supporting my bid for leadership or not, I want you to know I am committed to bringing our party together to move forward. We now all need to be united in one goal: restoring hope and opportunity for all Manitobans so we can lead our party to victory over the NDP in 2023. Thanks to your involvement in our party, we are stronger now than we’ve ever been, and I want to keep it that way. At the beginning of this race, I told all Manitobans that this was a moment to come together, to heal, and to move forward with renewed collaborative leadership. That remains my promise to you – I will be that leader, and I'm ready. Ready to bring our political family together and provide a hopeful, prosperous future for all Manitobans. Ready to fight for this great province of Manitoba that we are so fortunate to call home. And ready to lead us to victory in 2023. We have so much to accomplish together. Now let’s get to it.